Organised in honour of Late PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, honours India’s most brilliant leaders and pioneers from various business segments, on a highly creditable and spectacular platform, as the Business and Services Industry joins in to facilitate India’s top Banking Sector, Telecom Industry, Manufacture Industry, Service and Technology Provider, Education Service Provider, Healthcare and Wellness, Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism, Real State and more. Each year, only 100 leaders are chosen from among lakhs in their respective service categories. The awards are presented to the selected winner by an array of celebrities of national repute. 

Conferred the ‘Dynamic Woman Entrepreneur’ Title, Yassmin Mistry – Managing Director of several companies including Y M Securities, Mistry Logistics and Durand Forms (India) Pvt. Ltd. – was praised as an inspiring leadership figure who has consistently contributed across various sectors to the best of her abilities and has taken her organisation from strength to strength as a woman entrepreneur. Also founder Trustee of ZTFI (Zoroastrian Trust Funds of India), a Community based NGO established in 2009, which has constantly served the Parsi/Irani Zoroastrian community, for over a decade and brought in much relief by making a huge difference in the lives of its under-privileged.

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